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Need ideas to celebrate a special B-day.

My older sister has always given 100% of herself to our family life. She’s the most dependable, generous, and thoughtful one of the four of us siblings. You can count on her sound judgment, integrity, and wisdom whenever it is needed. Growing up, it was always “Call mom, she’ll know!” and as my mom has gotten older, it now is, “Call Deb, she’ll know!” Holidays and other important gatherings now happen at her house. And she never complains about the work, cost, etc. that goes into having everyone over to the house. She has paid for vacations and meals for all of us over the years, when we took our turns being down on our luck and never made us feel bad about any of it. It was always like you were doing her a favor.  She is always first to volunteer for the hard jobs, like cleaning out our parents’ basement, sitting by my dad’s bedside on his last day, and managing my mom’s finances.

Don’t get me wrong, my other siblings do their fair share, and they are remarkable in their own right, but I am sure they would agree, that my sister Deb should win the prize for thoughtfulness and generosity.

So now here is my question. I need some good ideas to make her 60th birthday celebration special. My younger sister and I promised that we’d celebrate with her during our annual girl’s weekend at the shore – but nothing seems good enough or “exactly right” that we’ve thought of so far. What are some  great ideas that you’ve done to show the special ones in your lives how much you appreciate them?!  Thanks!!!

4 Responses to “Need ideas to celebrate a special B-day.”

  1. Brian Rozinsky

    For starters, could you expand on this slice to give your sister a written keepsake, gifting her memories of all she means to you?

    • scs15

      Dear Brian,
      That is a great idea! I know it would mean a lot to her – It isn’t about how much you spend, but how much heart goes into it! Thanks for the thought.

  2. Anonymous

    I really like Brian’s idea. our sister would love to know how you feel about her and all she has done for the family. On top of that, though, without knowing where you are approximately, what specific things she likes to do, it is a hard call. Have you thought about a surprise 60th birthday party?

    • scs15

      Thanks for the ideas of a party… I was thinking of inviting the husbands down at the end of our girl’s weekend as a surprise to extend the weekend and expand the fun…. Let’s see what happens!

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