Three Days in the Life of a Second-Year MBA

By: James Babb, President of the Supply Chain Management Association (for one more day), MBA Class of 2019

Being at the end of the MBA program is an interesting spot. I’m very much looking forward to a full-time job, a paycheck, the start of my new career in supply chain management. Yet I’m also keenly aware of how this unique experience in coming to a close and will soon be a reduced to a memory.  It’s a bittersweet ending, and I say “ending” now even though it’s only the end of January because us 2nd years have the opportunity to conclude our studies after Mod 7 (if we have enough credits) to spend a Continue reading

Meet Michelle Darnell

Michelle Darnell, Director of Honor & Integrity, Management & Organizations, Smeal College of Business

What’s your role with the Smeal College community?

I hold two positions at Smeal: Director of Honor & Integrity, and Associate Clinical Professor in the Management & Organizations department. I love that I get to strike a balance between these roles every day. In my classes, I strive to help others develop various skills related to ethical leadership in an organizational context. Continue reading

Deloitte Supply Chain Challenge in LA

By Karan Jain, MBA Class of 2020

There are case competitions, and then there are case competitions. The Deloitte Supply Chain Challenge is one such event where you know and understand the scope of the task at hand by the sheer amount of commitment that the organization has towards it. Not only is Deloitte one of the most reputed Continue reading

2018 Net Impact Conference

By Sophia Schuster, MBA Class of 2019

At the end of October, six MBAs from the Net Impact Graduate Chapter had the opportunity to attend Net Impact’s National Conference in Phoenix, AZ. Aside from getting some much-needed and well-deserved time in the sun, we had the opportunity to connect with students from across the country who are committed to fusing their sustainability and social responsibility with their business expertise. Continue reading

11th Annual MBA Veterans Career Conference Expo

 By Andrew Simpson, MBA 2019

The 11th Annual MBA Veterans Career Conference Expo kicked off this year in Chicago, IL and Smeal was well represented! A record 400 veterans attended the conference to find their place among over 50 prestigious recruiting companies. The MBA Veterans Career Conference and Expo is a unique Continue reading

MBArk/Expo Fest

by Liz Kennedy, MBA 2019

For people who care a lot about healthy foods and sustainability and want to work for a company that does too, attending the Natural Products Expo East Conference was a dream come true. What made the experience even better was attending as part of the MBArk program. MBArk was started by a Yale School of Management graduate named Joe Dobrow. Continue reading

1st Year MBA: The Inside Scoop

by Brad K. Grantz, MBA Candidate & Graduate Fellow, Class of 2019

I cannot believe I have been in the MBA program at the Penn State University-Smeal College of Business for 8+ months. The incredible amount of admiration, gratitude, and respect I have for my fellow classmates, the staff, and faculty here, has made time pass at an unimaginable rapid pace. While this Continue reading