Origins of My Sock Collection

Well, I suppose I should start with some background info on why I came to have so many funky socks.

First of all my high school had a dress code that was a little strict. You had to wear solid color polos or buttondowns and khakis or dress pants. It could be very boring at times. However there was one thing in the dress code that was permitted, socks could be any color, pattern or design. This was my one chance to really express myself and be creative with how I dressed.

My first pair of crazy socks (pictured below) were given to me by my father during my freshman year of high school. I don’t believe he knew that I had thought about wearing wild pairs of socks. However he did know that my favorite basketball team was the Miami Heat, whose colors are black and red.

The socks are by a company called Stance which by the way makes the most comfortable socks out there. This kicked off my love for socks. Soon I had other socks, mostly given to me by my father, that had the Miami Heat logo on them. I finally had a way to express myself and show my personally through what I wore at school. I finished freshman year with only a few different kinds of socks but that would quickly change.

Sophomore year my father once again made a contribution to what would eventually become my enormous sock collection. It was a pair from Stance, picturing the duo of Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway from the Orlando Magic. I absolutely loved them. First of all it was so cool to me to have a realistic picture on a pair of socks, especially when that picture involved basketball players. Second, Shaq and Penny were wearing the Magic uniforms from the 90s which I absolutely love.

I started wearing these socks as often as I could. As soon as they were washed I’d wear them the next day. The thing I maybe loved the most was people noticed. I got comments on them all the time. Whether it was simply “cool socks” or a fellow basketball fan wondering who was on them. The socks were now a conversation starter.

Later that year my father gave me two other pairs of Stance socks. One was a black and white picture of Julius “Dr. J” Erving and the other was a picture of Alonzo Mourning. My love of basketball and my new love for socks were now firmly tied together.

I started to totally embrace my love for socks. I wore the crazy pairs as often as I could but it still wasn’t enough. I would ask for them as gifts and always keep my eye out every time I went shopping. Word of advice if you want to get crazy socks, keep your eyes open and look. Crazy socks are more a thing now than ever. You can find them in a lot of places.

My collection of socks has grown tremendously since then in part because I would always look for them and also with the help of my father, my mother and my girlfriend. The collection will grow and you will all see them especially if you follow me on Instagram @thebreadtruck6.

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  1. Hi Roan! I like that you can inspire interest in your readers when talking about something that can seem so trivial as socks. I find that one thing I wish you had more of were pictures! As you are talking about the style I feel that visuals are necessary to avoid making the reader use their imagination which can lead to misunderstanding; but overall I’m just curious to see them. I am also curious how you will be determining your subject matter each week. Will it be in chronological order as you are doing in this blog? Or just done in an arbitrary way? Keep up the good blogging. Your style knocked my socks off.

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