My favorite pairs

For any of you that have read my previous blog posts, you’ll know that I’m an avid collector of socks. I have many different pairs from many different brands. Some socks are more interesting than others such as the Stance socks with the NBA players or my Superman socks with capes on them. Some socks were more expensive, costing around $16, while others were found for as low as $1. I’ve bought many pairs from many different stores and I’ve also gotten many pairs as gifts. I’ve collected probably at least 60 pairs…but which ones are my favorites? Well it’s not like I’ve ranked them really since I like all the pairs that I have. Also, just because a pair is one of my favorites that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the most interesting. For now I’d like to talk about just a few of my favorite pairs of socks.

These are my “Batmoose” socks. I bought them during a trip to Quebec. I can’t remember exactly how much they’d cost considering I purchased them with Canadian money but I believe they were around $8-$10. These are one of my favorites because for one they were bought in a foreign country which I think makes them a little more interesting. Also they’re very unique. I mean how many times will you ever see Batmoose socks again? Most likely never. Also I think it’s funny to explain the socks to people who ask what they are.

These are another one of my favorites pairs. A huge reason these are one of my favorites is because they were the first pair of socks that my girlfriend had bought for me. That makes them really special to me and they always make me think of her. She bought them for me when she went to Disney once. Also they’re just really neat. I’ve gotten compliments on them before. The top of the socks where the tentacles are is very detailed and I like that.

These socks are a newer pair of mine but I really like them. I bought them on my Senior class trip to Baltimore in a Target. I was drawn to them instantly. They’re very detailed and I like that. I also really like the two shades of blue. They kind of make the socks stand out. I also really like the old outfit that the golfer is wearing. I’d really love to have this image made in the form of a painting or something.

I’ve had these socks for a little bit now. I actually can’t remember for sure where I go them. The socks have a golf course on them. I wanted to clarify that because a lot of people ask me what’s on them. I’m not quite sure why I like these socks so much but I wear them often. The design is very cartoonish and kind of like that. I also find golf to be a very relaxing thing which might be why I like these socks so much.

Those are just a few of my favorites. I can’t talk about all of them since I really like all of the socks. Hopefully you can expand your sock collection and have some favorites as well.

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