It’s getting colder

First, I’d like to start off by mentioning that I recently got a new pair of socks. My aunt sent me a pair of socks in a care package recently. I’m from a county where hunting is a big deal. I, however, do not hunt. My aunt knows this and therefore, as a joke, sent me orange hunting socks.

It’s getting colder and some of our favorite holidays are coming up. There are many, many socks out there that are holiday-themed. I have pairs for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years Eve. Every major store likes to go all out during the holidays, especially for Christmas. Christmas stuff is everywhere. Target, Walmart, and various department stores will have plenty of holiday theme socks.

I have several pairs of holiday socks as I’ve mentioned before. Since Thanksgiving is only a week away I’m getting ready to wear my Thanksgiving socks. I’m pretty excited because (obviously) Thanksgiving is only once a year and isn’t really given a long window of appreciation due to the excitement for Christmas. They’re black socks and they’re kind of long, longer than I usually like my socks. They have some holiday foods such as turkey, pumpkin pie, fruit cake and beer. I believe they were a gift from my mother that she gave to me around the holidays one year but I can’t remember for sure.

I’ll probably start wearing my Christmas related holiday socks right after Thanksgiving. I have a few favorites that I’ll be wearing. One of them is very unique and that’s why I like them. I bought them last year while at Target. The socks are of a Christmas tree, in a field of Christmas trees, murdering the other with a chainsaw in hand (branch). Yes, the tree is using a chainsaw to cut the others down (don’t worry it’s not graphic). I like these socks because they’re very unique and rather bizarre. It’s kind of weird to explain when people ask about them.

The last thing I’d like to touch on is the cold. It’s been pretty rough walking around campus lately with the recent drops in temperature. For many of us, especially those who don’t have boots, our feet are freezing. This can be difficult to deal with. Sure you could put toe warmers in your shoes. But who wants to go through tons of toe warmers? Some of you probably already know this but it is highly recommended to wear wool socks rather than cotton socks when it is cold. Don’t double up your socks. Don’t wear fuzzy socks. Buy somewhat thick,  wool socks and you should be good to go. Cotton socks absorb sweat quickly making them feel more wet or moist. This is more problematic in colder temperatures. Wool socks draw sweat away from your feet and dry quickly. This is especially helpful in the winter when you’re walking through the snow and your feet get wet. Wool socks are incredibly helpful during the winter months so if you don’t have any. stock up now.