Dr. Mary Ann Bruns teaches Soils 412: Soil Ecology and Soils 512: Environmental Microbiology


Microbial ecology: Introduction to soil organisms; includes interactions between organisms, their processes, and metabolism with a major focus on microorganisms.

This class includes field trips to the student farm, an acid mine drainage, and to Rock Springs, PA. Students also perform individual/small group research projects on hypotheses that they create. Below are some photographs of field trips.

Students at a soil pit on a local farm in PA.

Students taking a soil core from the red zone along an acid mine drainage.

Students at the acid mine drainage site in PA.

A soil ecology student, Ana, taking bacterial samples from an acid mine drainage.


Environmental Microbiology: Biology and ecology of microorganisms in terrestrial environments; microbiological and molecular analysis methods; microbial processes in carbon and nitrogen cycling.