Emily Ball


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My Resume

My Teaching Philosophy

My name is Emily Ball and I am a second year Soil Science M.S. student in Mary Ann Bruns’ Lab. I graduated with my B.S. in Environmental Science from Delaware Valley University in May 2016. My coursework was primarily in soils and I am a former member of the DelVal Soil Judging Team. I was lucky enough to join the team to the National Competition in Manhattan, Kansas where we received 4th place overall!

This picture was taken of me and other soil judgers at the Soil Judging competition in Manhattan, Kansas in April 2016.

I am from a small farming community on the Upper Eastern Shore of Maryland, which has driven my interest in agricultural research and extension. My current project is measuring nitrous oxide (N2O) flux from agricultural soils, as well as soil carbon and nitrogen species.

Dr. Curtis Dell and Emily setting the datalogger for the FTIR, an instrument that measures gas fluxes.

The treatments I am looking at are based off of Pennsylvania Dairy rotations and soil properties associated with either fall or spring termination of Alflafa+Orchardgrass. These findings will provide insight on how management decisions for prior crops can effect cash crop performance, nutrient availability, and greenhouse gas emissions.

I have presented my work at the 2017 International Soil Science Society of America Meeting (Tampa, FL), the 6th Annual PSU Sustainable Cropping Systems Symposium in 2017, and most recently, the Northeast Cover Crops Council Annual Meeting at Cornell University in November 2017.