Undergraduate Researchers


Ana Turosky

I am senior studying Environmental Resource Management with a Soils minor. Before I came to Penn State, I had never considered studying science – especially not soil science – but I fell in love with “the world beneath” from the first soils class I took!

My research interests lie within the interactions between humans and the environment, and the many ways that that interaction occurs. This summer, I looked at the impact of glyphosate on soil microbes. In the future, I would like to continue learning and aid in mending humans relationship with our environment – in any way I can!


Tyler Bailey


Jason Epstein


Kendall Godwin

My name is Kendall Godwin, and I am a Sophomore Microbiology major here at Penn State.  I am pursuing my passions in microbiology because I believe that it is the small things in life that make the biggest difference.  Microbes are often under-appreciated, and yet play direct roles in so many of the phenomena that ecosystems require to remain stable.  In particular, we are only beginning to appreciate the true breadth of microbial diversity and the complex roles of soil and environmental microbes in nutrient cycling and soil formation.  There’s a big microbial world out there, and I want to explore the many ways that we can interpret and harness the power of this diversity.