Past Projects


Biological crusts and cultivating cyanobacterial mixtures as biofertilizers.

Highlighted in the Penn State News in 2015:

Cyanobacterial crusts grown in the greenhouse.

Cyanobacterial soil film.








Reactor used to cultivate cyanobacterial cultures.

Photoreactor to grow cyanobacteria.








Students scoring biofilms in a no-till agricultural field.

Xin Peng’s sketch of her N2 chambers.










Xin’s rainfall simulator experiment to test the growth of her cyanobacterial consortium.

Sundew plant at a kill zone.


Acid mine drainage reclamation and vegetation restoration:

Biofilms of sulfur oxidizers in the acid mine drainage.

Another photo of sulfur oxidizers.


Acid mine drainage site, Fairview.

Bore hole.

Bacterial macrocolony in mine drainage.

Bacterial samples taken from acid mine drainage for analysis.

Acid mine drainage site before reclamation.

Acid mine drainage site post reclamation.








Earthworm activity in the reclaimed plots.

Fungal growth on the reclaimed plots.

Students taking a soil core from the red zone along the mine drainage.

Vegetated reclamation in the red zone of the mine drainage.