University policy requires that “A student should attend every class for which the student is scheduled and should be held responsible for all work covered in the courses taken.”  The course will therefore be conducted on the assumption that all students will attend every class session.    (Full details of the relevant university policy are available here.)

Reasonable opportunities for make-up work will be provided to students who miss class because of

  • regularly scheduled, University-approved curricular and extracurricular activities (such as Martin Luther King Day of Service, field trips, debate trips, choir trips, and athletic contests), or
  • other legitimate but unavoidable reasons such as illness, injury, family emergency, or religious observance.

Except in the case of illness or emergency, you should notify me at least a week in advance of the proposed absence, by submitting a class absence form or sending the equivalent information by email.  Note that the university no longer requires a doctor’s letter in the case of absences due to illness; however, please notify me of your situation as soon as possible.

Students will be held responsible for using only legitimate, unavoidable reasons for requesting a make-up in the event of a missed class or evaluative event. Requests for missing class or an evaluative event due to reasons that are based on false claims may be considered violations of the policy on Academic Integrity.

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