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The Next Big Thing: Penn State Petroleum Engineering Students Ready to Make it Happen

Tenacity, determination, and innovation are three characteristics that are woven into the fabric of every oil and gas industry member’s DNA. Those essential characteristics are ones natural to those who succeed in the industry, yet they are traits that are fostered and truly defined here at Penn State. Residing in the second most producing state of natural gas in the country, Penn State harbors some of the best faculty in the world which allows for our students to be given the best opportunity to let their three core characteristics shine. No matter who you are or where you come from, you will be given a chance to succeed and fully realize your potential within the Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (PNGE) program at Penn State. Our student chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers nurtures and refines those traits in every student, while allowing for student connection with our great faculty, department, and oil and gas industry professionals.

While lessons learned in the classroom are valuable in the creation of a great engineer, it is important that students are gaining exposure to the ever-changing and rapidly growing industry. It is our job, as the Society of Petroleum Engineers, to facilitate interaction between our students and the real world. Our students are presented with a wide range of opportunities to explore what this industry has to offer and gain as much knowledge as possible. Through drilling rig tours, frac pad tours, production site tours, and shop tours, our students get hands-on exposure to the material they are learning in class. The SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Calgary, Canada and the SPE North American Student Symposium in Las Angeles, California will allow our students to “collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge” as the SPE International mission suggests. On campus, students will have the opportunity to learn from several industry members in our Young Alumni Panel as well as gain knowledge from several technical presentations throughout the year, varying from offshore and international challenges to production optimization right here in our backyard. Also, as women begin to become more prominent in the energy sector and leave their legacy in this industry, students will have the chance to hear from a panel of several “Women in Energy” and their experiences and advice on how best to succeed.

Though our industry will forever be changing, one thing will always remain constant: SPE Penn State’s students will be among the most tenacious, determined, and innovative members of the workforce, always striving to make a difference. Whether they are acting as good stewards to the community through Positive Energy or exchanging technical based skills and knowledge with one another, you can count on our students to help facilitate the next great advancements this industry will experience.

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Rob Hilbig