Jeff Brozena


Class of 2011
Information Sciences and Technology
Penn State University Park
Nominated by Erich Scheinke

Jeff received this award for his commitment to establishing a community where understanding and hope can gradually replace ignorance and fear.

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The Penn State Rock Ethics Institute is proud to recognize the ethical leadership Jeff has demonstrated in standing up against social stigma and for members of the community who are struggling in one way or another with mental illness. His commitment to socially useful design and to universal accessibility has led him to create a free mobile phone application (or app) that will provide those who are coping with mental health issues a discrete and efficient way of seeking help for themselves, their friends, and their loved ones.

Realizing that technical solutions are only part of what is really needed to address this complex problem, Jeff also founded a local chapter of Active Minds at Penn State. Affiliation with a national organization dedicated to raising awareness concerning both mental health and mental illness provides some of the social and institutional context that is necessary for technical solutions like the one he is working on to have a lasting impact.

Jeff’s work shows a willingness to stand up against the social stigma associated with mental health issues and mental illness, an ability to resist the pressure that consumerism exerts on the world of technological design, and a commitment to establishing a more open and accepting community where understanding and hope can gradually replace ignorance and fear.  All of these characteristics make Jeff Brozena the kind of leader that we judge to be especially deserving of our recognition, admiration, and emulation.

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Do you know a Penn State undergraduate student who stands up for a belief, a cause, or an idea?

The Rock Ethics Institute inaugurated the Stand Up Award to honor Penn State undergraduate students who have demonstrated courage, fortitude, and ethical leadership by taking a stand for a person, a cause, or a belief. This award and the individuals it honors should remind the entire Penn State community of how often the extraordinary act is possible in ordinary circumstances.