Joshua Brady Branch


Class of 2013
Political Science
Schreyer Honors Scholar
Paterno Liberal Arts Undergraduate Fellow
Penn State University Park
Nominated by Kaley Blatt

For demonstrating ethical leadership through everyday encounters.

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Joshua Brady Branch was not your typical high school athlete and Eagle Scout. The bullying he dealt with growing up led Josh to identify with members of other marginalized groups and become a vocal supporter of his high school’s Gay–Straight Alliance. His advocacy for the LGBTQ community has continued at Penn State, where he has been a persistent and courageous voice against discrimination. As a participant in dialogues across the community, Joshua reminds us that ethical leadership can occur through seemingly small, everyday encounters.

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Do you know a Penn State undergraduate student who stands up for a belief, a cause, or an idea?

The Rock Ethics Institute inaugurated the Stand Up Award to honor Penn State undergraduate students who have demonstrated courage, fortitude, and ethical leadership by taking a stand for a person, a cause, or a belief. This award and the individuals it honors should remind the entire Penn State community of how often the extraordinary act is possible in ordinary circumstances.