Mallorie McCue


Class of 2008
Advertising and Public Relations, and Women’s Studies
Penn State University Park

Mallorie received this award for organizing a large-scale protest against the cancellation of a sexual assault awareness program, and for collaboratively producing an on-line sexual assault awareness tool.

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When Mallorie McCue learned that the University was dramatically reducing a sexual assault program in Penn State’s freshman orientation program, FTCAP, she did something about it. Concerned that a lack of information on this critical issue would leave incoming students vulnerable and at risk, she rallied hundreds of fellow students to write letters and speak in classrooms, raising awareness about sexual assault as a problem that must be dealt with proactively. Though Mallorie’s petition—signed by over 900 students, faculty, and staff—didn’t reinstate the 40-minute program, it did prompt a compromise: Mallorie is now working with the administration to develop an online video module which will give incoming students access to both information about the risks of sexual assault, as well as crucial resources.

In her time as a Public Relations and Women’s Studies double-major at Penn State, Mallorie has put her impressive public relations skills and social justice conscience to work for the overall improvement of the Penn State and State College communities. In her first year as a Penn State student she attended the 2005 Standards of Beauty Symposium, a comprehensive program for men, women, and young people dealing with body-image issues. Greatly inspired by the event, Mallorie knew she had to get involved, and by the very next year, she was the Symposium’s Event Coordinator. As Coordinator of the 2006 symposium, Mallorie recruited speakers, prepared the agenda, and directed all public relations efforts.

After Mallorie graduates in May, she plans to work in non-profit public relations, focusing on women’s issues. Her long-term plans are to attend law school and to work to fight gender inequality, discrimination, and harassment in the workplace. We can feel assured she’ll meet with success, as those who know her will testify to the mature, selfless, and ethically-driven spirit of Mallorie’s work and service at Penn State. Her energetic willingness to stand up for critical issues affecting the Penn state community will affect students well into the future, and her efforts have created a foundation for future ethical leaders to build upon.

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Do you know a Penn State undergraduate student who stands up for a belief, a cause, or an idea?

The Rock Ethics Institute inaugurated the Stand Up Award to honor Penn State undergraduate students who have demonstrated courage, fortitude, and ethical leadership by taking a stand for a person, a cause, or a belief. This award and the individuals it honors should remind the entire Penn State community of how often the extraordinary act is possible in ordinary circumstances.