Upcoming Meetings and Events

Meetings for Spring 2019 will take place every other Wednesday of each month. All meetings take place at 6:00 p.m. in 207 Thomas.

Minutes from past meetings will be posted after the meeting on our Past Meetings and Events page.

Upcoming Events and Activities:

Reserved Career Fair: Will take place in the spring semester. This is a career fair where companies come to our club and let us know of internships and full time jobs.

Mini-workshops: From time to time we will host “mini-workshops” during our regular meetings. These workshops will be used to show you a new technology or service that is free to the general public or available to you as a Penn State student.

Guest Speakers: We will have faculty and other guest speakers at our meetings from time to time.

Member Presentation: We would like to open the floor at any (and all!) meetings to our members to discuss their research, class projects, internship, and work experiences, etc. if you have anything you want to share at our meeting!

Software Workshops: If there is interest from our members, we will host one or more workshops throughout the year on various topics.  Past topics include an Introduction to R and Introduction to Data Mining. If you have an idea for a workshop, please contact us!

Interested in joining us at our meetings or events?

Any other ideas for club events or activities?