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National Institute of Statistical Science

Dr. Jim Rosenberger (NISS Director) and Professor Lingzhou Xue are building a hub of National Institute of Statistical Science ( at Penn State. Through this hub, Dr. Jim Rosenberger and Professor Lingzhou Xue are promoting an opportunity to connect companies who are looking for interns and full-time employees in Statistics related areas (both undergraduate and graduate) and students who are looking for internships and full-time jobs.
We are helping out to collect resumes from students who are interested in this opportunity. By doing this, we will send out the saved resumes with NISS at Penn State to companies whenever they come ask for potential employees.
Thus, if you are interested in participating in and be considered for internship opportunities from NISS, please
* Upload your most recent resume as a 1-page PDF
* Named in the following format: LastName_FirstName_Major.pdf
* Please upload your resume below as soon as possible, and keep it updated
If you are looking for a Full-Time Job:                         If you are looking for an Internship: