Workshop Materials

Weekly Workshops are held weekly in Thomas 327. Contact Samidha or Alex if you have any topic suggestions for requests! Be sure to fill out the polls sent out weekly to ensure that enough food is provided for all attendees.

Here we will gather useful links and resources associated with different workshops.

SGSA Online Panel: Looking for Jobs

UPAC Funding presentation by Claire Kelling and Alex Zhao

UPAC Funding

ACI Cluster Use presentation by Ben Lee

SSH Clients: 


Slides:  GradWorkshop_Cluster-1d1k0s5 (warning: some LaTex didn’t render properly – use best judgement)

Documentation: ACI-Documentation_Reference-Sheet-2hi9pxt

Onboarding: ICS-ACI__Onboarding-2mrdl7x

Example Parallel Example

Tidyverse presentation by John Ensley


R Markdown file

Mendeley Presentation by John Meier

Download Desktop Client

PSU Mendeley Guide

Using Mendeley with LaTeX

Making Your Own R Package Presentations by Jason Bernstein and Justin Petrovich

Not So Standard Deviation blog post

Jeff Leek’s How To

Justin’s Presentation (and R resources)

R Markdown ASA Webinar.


Intro to Presentation by Sayali Phadke.

Further resources (the slides)

Tiny Handbook of R (pdf available from Debmalya)

We R: Penn State R User’s Group

Advanced R by Hadley Wickham  (probably most useful after your first year, but full of useful information)

Stack Overflow (most times if you Google an R question you’ll end up here)

Intro to Latex Overviews by Greg Bopp and John Ensley.

Equation Editor (takes equations and symbols and translates to LaTeX)

Detoxify (draw the symbol, get the LaTeX)

Useful Templates

Math into LaTeX – George Gratzer

AoPS LaTeX Basics

Experiences and lessons learned teaching LaTeX to university students – Gary Greg andFrancesco Costanzo (BOTH PENN STATE PROFS!)

PSU LaTeX Thesis Course

Learning LaTeX – Griffiths and Higham

The following are a compilation of tutorials featuring Overleaf compiled by John Lees-Miller, Co-Founder of Overleaf sent to me by Gary Greg.

1. I maintain some open source slides that I use when I teach workshops:
(Also translated to Portuguese and German in other forks on github.)
2. A series of 21 introductory LaTeX videos from Vince Knight, which I think covers most of the topics you suggest:
(Like James at ShareLaTeX, we have a long-standing TODO to update these videos!)
3. A webinar-format intro of LaTeX for biologists:
4. A three-part introductory series of blog posts (from Arin Basu in New Zealand):

5. These ones are more Overleaf-specific, but we also have some about using some of our integrations with e.g. for collaborative and reproducible figures and reference managers, which are also very helpful for beginners.

Creating a Professional Graduate Student Website

PSU WordPress Sites (Getting Started) Sites

Weebly Sites

Twitter Embed Widget

Connect a Google Calendar with Simple Calendar Plugin

GitHub Pages

PSU Grad Student Websites (email to have yours included!)

Updating Your C.V. 

Have you tried creating your C.V. in Latex format? Check out some of these easy to use templates!

Biostatistics CV Template

Hyndsight LaTeX template for CV

Resume Vs. CV Workshop Slides Materials Recording

Creating Better Plots in R – GGPLOT2 Overview provided by Mauricio Fernandes.


Script 2

Utilizing GitHub as Code Repository and Version Control Overview provided by John Ensley.

Student Developer Pack

Internships for Statistics graduate students 

A discussion with students who have done non-academic internships in the past

In this fantastic workshop, eight graduate students who are currently in their second, third, fourth, and fifth years, shared their experiences. They talked about how they found out about the opportunity, the process they followed, the kind of work they got to do, and the learning they derived from it. Questions surrounding the process and the role of such an experience in the graduate journey of a statistics student were addressed in detail. Given the role of of statisticians in the current data-driven world, and the keenness of many of our students to consider careers outside of academia, we’d say that this workshop was quite important; and I’d say it went pretty damn well!

Going on the Job Market

Kevin Lee’s experiences on the academic and industry job market.


Midterms/Finals Focus on Mental Health 

Resources Slides