What is Streetwear?

Given this weekend we have just had I think it is undeniable to say that spring is here. I woke up this morning to the birds chirping outside! I haven’t heard birds chirping outside my window of third floor supplemental since last August! With warmer weather comes a change of style, shorts are brought out, shades turn to pastels, layering no longer becomes a necessity. I could indeed write about the topic of fashion in warmer weather but I have already done a blog post about spring fashion so instead I will try and explain to you a kind of clothing that is called streetwear. Mainly because as our blogging weeks come to a close I am running out of ideas and streetwear is the fashion I feel most strongly about.

I was surprised to find that the word streetwear actually is defined on Wikipedia. But then again it is Wikipedia and anyone can post via the internet there. Wikipedia has it defined as “a distinctive style of street fashion. Rooted in West Coast surf and skate culture, it has grown to encompass elements of hip hop fashion, Japanese street fashion, and modern Haute culture fashion.” I would say that this definition is pretty spot on even though streetwear is constantly evolving because it is based on current popular culture and what is coming from the streets. Streetwear is clothing made for casual wear in urban environments although there are some celebs like Pharrell Williams and Kanye West who go so far as to wear it on the red carpet. To express my photos this week I have chosen a model who is not only highly attractive but who has deep streetwear roots and has modeled for some of the biggest brands out there.






Many times streetwear will be easy to identify. Streetwear pieces often feature bold graphic prints containing the companies logo or name plastered somewhere on the shirt, hat, jeans etc. Even though streetwear is all about power to the people and freedom of expression streetwear does come at a price. It may cost you a hefty sum to buy that new jacket that Supreme dropped or in this most recent case pair of shoes (Nike Supreme Foamposites which sold out in 10 seconds and are now being resold for around $700.)








Streetwear is a hard topic to write about because it is so broad. Most fashion blogs like Hypebeast and Highsnobiety cover it merely by keeping up with current collections, looks, and projects being done by big name streetwear companies like Supreme, Stussy, and Bape. I could have taken that route and showed you upcoming collections every week and what limited edition pieces would be dropping soon but instead I took a more personal approach. With this blog and through my photos and writing I tried to give you all insight into the fashion that I know and love and I hope you have all enjoyed.

3 responses to “What is Streetwear?

  1. Mike Shanley

    I understand the need to be fashionable while also being casual, but I still cannot grasp that people pay upwards of $100 on streetwear! I think any everyday outfit of mine comes to a grand total of like, $50. This has been a really interesting blog because I didn’t know a darn thing about fashion!

  2. Heather Francis

    This blog is awesome, I’m getting so many outfit ideas. I’ve seen a lot of this style on the Asian population on campus, and it’s awesome. It seems like it isn’t that expensive either, depending on thriftiness.

  3. Michael Rothermel

    I never knew that just everyday clothing was called Streetwear. A lot of people unknowingly dress in this style just because that is what is popular. It is crazy that a shoe sold out in just 10 seconds! It is even crazier that the shoe is being sold for $700! Some people like shoes way too much.

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