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Prospective Lab Members

Do you find the work we are doing here interesting? We are often looking for new researchers to join us! Please find information below.

Prospective Undergraduate Researchers

–I am often looking for new undergraduate researchers. You can be compensated for your efforts via course credit or wages. The wages option depends on availability of funding, but there are also several funding opportunities that we can pursue together. Students in the College of Agricultural Sciences can apply for funding for summer undergraduate research. Students in the College of Engineering can apply through the College of Engineering Research Initiative for funding support with research during the academic year. I am also happy to advise students through the Schreyer Honors or Millennium Scholars programs. If you are interested in potentially doing research with our group, please send me an email with any relevant experience or coursework and a brief summary of your interests.

Prospective Graduate Students

–I am often looking for new MS or PhD students. I am able to advise students through the Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, and Ecology Intercollege Graduate Degree Programs at Penn State. If you are interested in potentially joining my group through one of these graduate programs, please reach out to me via email with your CV and a little information about yourself and your research interests.

Prospective Postodoctoral Scholars

–Unfortunately I do not have funding for postdocs at this time. I am happy to brainstorm opportunities to apply for independent fellowships.