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“Look at this Photograph”

As a professional photographer, Addario certainly has plenty of images to choose from to place in her book. I’m curious as to why she chose the ones she did, specifically those on pages 24 and 26 of the insert before the book’s final section. The first, the photo of the two women in blue standing on the mountain, stuck out to me at first because of the stark color contrast. Upon reading the caption and learning that one of the women was in labor, the photo captured the quality of life in Afghanistan, as well as the almost majestic nature of Middle Eastern poverty.

The second photo, that which captured children in Libya playing around a burning car, also maintains a majestic nature in the face of peril. In America, playing around a burning car seems like more of something that would occur in a cult, not an average neighborhood. However, the fact that no other option is provided to those children was the first thing I thought of when I saw the photo.

Both of these photos speak very loudly about something bigger than what the image captures, a quality that anyone utilizing media in a blogpost should heed. In my passion blog, it’s tough for me to make use of this in my passion blog, so I try to compensate with quotes. Unfortunately, it’s tough to look at an image from a movie and connect it to its plot without having viewed the film. However, for a variety of other topics, such as life in the Middle East, profound images sometimes speak louder than the words that follow them.

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