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RCL 1: Deliberation Overview

Title: A Nu Era of Greek Life: Can we Make Fraternities Beta? How Should they be Delta With?

Description: Regarding the topic of Greek life, our group plans to break apart the issue into three levels of analysis: the national level (chapters, alumni orgs, etc.), the university level (policy, university rules and regulations, etc.), and the individual level, examining the actions of brothers in specific chapters and the actions that they take leading to the current stigma surrounding Greek life nationwide.

Individual Role: In my group, I plan to work with Billy on the summary team, developing a comprehensive overview and introduction of the topic. I also plan to moderate this deliberation, making sure that all present hear our ideas and respond appropriately.

Currently, I am researching and thinking about how best to frame the topic very neutrally for our audience. I’m also looking into the introduction pamphlet and printing out the required amount of copies. Specifically, I’m examining the levels of analysis that our group plans to use to examine this topic.

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