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RCL 2: Connecting Articles

Both of these articles are based around showcasing Greek deaths across the country. While both articles recall the same incidents, only the second one cited offers anything resembling a comprehensive solution. Seeming to agree that an altogether “ban” is not the most practical solution, these articles focus more on regulating as opposed to eliminating, and cite the same issues as plaguing Greek life: hazing and drinking.┬áIt is interesting to note that both articles seem to gloss over the issue of sexual assault, which many are quick to attribute to Greek organizations.

Regardless, both articles are potentially very useful to the deliberation assignment. Beginning with of group’s proposed three levels of analysis — national, university, individual — the first article does a great job of highlighting Greek deaths outside of our own campus, which will most likely come up at least once during the deliberation (regrettably). This national-level analysis is broad yet effective, presenting the severity of the issue and presenting a sense of Kairos.

The second article examines current solutions and some of the issues that have arisen because of them. This sheds light on the university level, tracking the reactions of various college administrators and testimony regarding proposed policy. Specifically highlighting the issue of hazing, this platform can be used as a springboard for discussing what is currently being done to combat it, and also turn the discussion in the direction of digging into the individual level of analysis, which both articles seem to lack.

Still, both articles have plenty to contribute to the aforementioned levels of analysis, and both provide insight outside of the scope of our own university. Because of this, these two articles and many like them will potentially assist our group in performing a well constructed, well thought-out, effective deliberation.



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