Nathaniel’s Experience in Paris

Nathaniel studied in Paris on an embedded program through Penn State Harrisburg.


If you could give only one reason, why would you suggest other students study abroad?

I would suggest other students study abroad to be able to gain an understanding of the world around them. We all live in this bubble and many times we do not get to step outside of it to understand and experience other cultures.

What specific factors influenced your decision to go abroad?   

When I went on my first trip with Penn State I have never gone out of the country before. This gave me the opportunity to experience a different country in a more structured way. It was great because it combined learning and a fun life-changing experience all in one.


What was it about your program specifically that fit your personal goals over other programs?

I have always wanted to travel to Europe but didn’t think that I would have the time due to the program that I am in. The embedded program was the perfect fit because it allowed me to complete the semester at Penn State and then go and visit the country during the time that we had off during spring break.

What advice would you give to outbound study abroad students to help them make the most out of their study abroad experiences?

Think local. When you are in your host country try to make the most out of it by going to local food destinations and shopping areas. In these areas is where you will experience what the country has to offer.

What was the transition like between class in the States and your destination abroad?

The transition was very fluid. It was easy to transition between the classes and the country with people that you met and have known from taking classes together. It allowed me to create a close friendship with the other students because we all had experienced the same thing.

Why would you recommend an embedded program to other students?

I would recommend an embedded program to other students because it is a way to experience the world and other cultures in a short period of time for students that do not have a whole semester to be abroad.


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