Anastasia’s Experience in Vienna

Anastasia studied in Austria on the IES: Vienna, European Society and Culture Program.

If you could give only one reason, why would you suggest other students study abroad?

I would tell other students to study abroad so they can broaden their cultural perspectives and take the opportunity to reflect on their life in their home country.

What experiences did you have while studying abroad that you feel you could not have had if you had stayed at Penn State?

I significantly enhanced my German language skills and was able to practice speaking everyday, everywhere I went. I could not have done this at Penn State. I also was able to directly engage with the Austrian culture and learn unique traditions and phrases.

Share an experience where you interacted with someone in your host culture in a way that taught you something.

When I was in Croatia, I had an allergic reaction and was unsure of what to do. My Airbnb hosts ended up driving me to the hospital, translating for me, staying with me, and getting me medicine and food in the middle of the night. I offered to pay them but they refused, telling me they know I would’ve done the same for them. I was scared, but the experience revealed to me the kindness of humanity and how willing people are to help you in times of need.

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