Jason and his Australian Experience

Jason studied in Sydney through the University of New South Wales Exchange program.

What specific factors influenced your decision to go abroad?

I always had a desire to go to Australia, and the Penn State exchange program fit my academic schedule perfectly. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity after learning what all was involved in the program.

What advice would you give to outbound study abroad students to help them make the most out of their study abroad experiences?

Don’t be afraid to go on an adventure. If someone asks you to hang out or go clubbing, don’t be hesitant to say yes. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, because when you do, it could be the most unforgettable experience of your life.

Share an experience where you interacted with someone in your host culture in a way that taught you something.

I learned what types of situations I am comfortable and uncomfortable in by putting myself out there and trying new things with new people. I learned that a lot of people not from the US know just as much, or if not, more about United States politics as I do. I also learned that there are beautiful places in the world that are worth flying 14 hours on one plane to see.

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