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Although Ukrainian is an East Slavic language like Russian, it has a different grammar and writing system. However the long and sometimes violent history between Ukraine and Russia has meant that the history of both languages are intertwined.
Note: Older stages of Ukranian may sometimes be called Ruthenian.


Font Recommendations

Ukranian Cyrillic Alphabet

Please note that the Ukraniain alphabet includes characters not used in Russian such as Ґ, І, Ї, Є, ‘ . Therefore fonts and utilities that may work for Russian may or may not be a good fit for Ukrainian.

Recommended Fonts

The fonts below support a wide range of characters including historical characters and those from Central Asian Cyrillic languages.

Common System Fonts

The most recent version of these fonts support a

  • Microsoft: Arial/Arial Unicode, Times New Roman, Calibri, Cambria, Book Antiqua, Courier,
  • Apple: Lucida Grande
  • Others: Helvetica (Neue), Palatino

Third Party Fonts

Typing Cyrilic

Activating Keyboards

Both Windows and Macintosh provide a wide range of keyboard utilities which can be activated to allow a user to type in a particular Cyrillic language.

Note that in many cases the layout will match that used in Ukraine or the former Soviet Union.

Transliterated Keyboard Options

If you wish to use a transliterated (or phonetic/QWERTY) layout in which Cyrillic letters are mapped to the closest English keyboard counterpart (e.g. the D key would be Cyrillic Д), the options are more limited.

Below are some options which can be downloaded, however not all options have been fully tested.

External Transliterated Keyboard Downloads

Web Development and Language Codes

This section presents information specific to Ukrainian. For general information about developing non-English Web sites, see the Encoding Tutorial or the Web Layout sections.

Test Web Site

If you have all the utilities set up correctly, then your browser should be able
to see the following Ukrainian test pages correctly.

If this sites is not displaying correctly, see the Browser Setup page for debugging information.

Historic Encodings

Unicode (utf-8) is the preferred encoding for Web sites. However, the following historic encodings may still be encountered.

  • win-1251
  • koi-8-U

Selected Language Tags

Language Tags allow browsers and other software to process Russian text more efficiently. Below is a list of selected languages written in Cyrillic.

  • uk (Ukrainian)
  • rue (Rusyn)

Using Unicode Escape Characters

If you wish to input a word or short phrase, you can use Unicode entity codes. See the Cyrillic Unicode Block Codes or for details.

Ukranian Language

Ukrainian Computing

External Transliterated Keyboard Downloads

Cyrillic Fonts

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