This page lists sine of the IANA registered script tag variants which would be combined with language codes.

The registry itself includes additional regional variants and newer language codes.


These are used with language tags to indicate which script a language is written in. For instance:

  • bs-Cyrl would be Bosnian written in the Cyrillic (Russian) script
  • bs-Latn would be the same language written in the Latin (English) script
  • ang-Latn would be Old English in the Latin script
  • ang-Runr would be Old English in the Runic script

Common Codes

Middle East and Central Europe

  • -Arab – Arabic script
  • -Cyrl – Cyrillic script
  • -Deva – Devanagari script
    Note: Other South Asian scripts are encoded as well in the IANA Registry
  • -Hebr – Hebrew
  • -Latn – Latin script
  • -fonipa – Language transcribed in IPA phonetics

East Asian Scripts

  • -Hans – Han (Chinese Simplified variant)
  • -Hant – Han (Chinese Traditional variant)
  • -Hani – Han (Hanzi, Kanji, Hanja)
  • -Jpan – Japanese (alias for Han + Hiragana + Katakana)
  • -Hira – Japanese Hiragana
  • -Kana – Japanese Katakana
  • -Hang – Korean Hangul (Hangŭl, Hangeul)

For additional scripts, check the IANA Registry see "Type: script" tags.

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