Note: Before you can use any of these Tools packages, all the proper keyboards and fonts must be installed and activated for each script.

Switch Font First

In many software packages, switching a keyboard changes the font. However, in Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphics packages, you need to first select the correct font based on the script.

After that you can Switch your keyboards to the appropriate script or input appropriate symbol codes.

Find a Font

If you are not sure which font will work, you can try copying and paste some text from another source first (e.g. a Web page or a text document).

After that you can experiment with fonts to see which is the best option.

Best Font Options

If you choose to install a font, see the Unicode fonts page for explantions of which fonts are best for Unicode text. Generally speaking, Open Type (OTF), True Type (TTF) or Postscript fonts will produce the best results visually.

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