These instructions explain how to post non-English content in Penn State’s Course Management System ANGEL

Access to ANGEL will end in 2017. See also tips for the Canvas LMS

Switch Keyboards

For any content which can be created with the ANGEL HTML Editor, you can input content

  1. Navigate to an ANGEL HTML Editor
  2. Switch your keyboards to the appropriate script or input appropriate symbol codes.
  3. The content will be saved and displayed.

Note: Non-Western text in an HTML editor will be converted to an entity code, but will remain editable in the HTML editor.

Title Fields and Entity Codes

Conversion to Entity Code

Non-Western text can be entered into a Title field for ANGEL content, but it will be converted to a numeric entity code when content is saved (e.g. Russian Capital Д will be converted to &‌#1044;).


If the content needs to be edited later, the numeric code will be displayed. If the title needs to be changed, you can retype the character as you normally would and it will be re-saved to an entity code.

Broken Title Text

Some characters may not save (particularly on a Mac). For example é could be converted to é. The solution is to manually enter an appropriate HTML entity code such as é for é.

Additional HTML Editor Tools

About the ANGEL HTML Editor

There are several tools available in the ANGEL HTML Editor for entering foreign language and math including the special character, insert equation, and superscript/subscript tools.

Special Character Palette

The HTML Editor allows ANGEL users to insert common foreign language letters and symbols by clicking the Insert Latin (Æ) button.

  1. To insert a special character, click the arrow next to the Insert Equation (Σ) button and select Special Character.
    screen capture of Special Character menu option
  2. The Select Special Character palette opens. Click on the character you wish to insert and it will be inserted into your document.
    Special Character Palette with accented letters, currency signs, special punctuation


  1. In the HTML Editor, click the down arrow next to the Underline button to access the Font Style Menu with the subscript and superscript options.
    Superscript and Subscript menu options
  2. To remove superscript or subscript formatting from a range of text, highlight it, then select the Superscript or Subscript option again

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