Note: Before you can use any of these Tools packages, all the proper keyboards and fonts must be installed and activated for each script.

Email Procedure

Most modern email software send Unicode (UTF-8) email by default. Therefore the procedure is:

  1. Open a blank new message
  2. Switch your keyboards to the appropriate script.
  3. Type the message then send it. It will be properly encoded.

The above procedure works for UCS Zimbra, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and other clients.

Non-Penn State Email

If you send or receive emails from outside the Penn State network, it may be be routed through a server which does not properly process Unicode. Therefore you may receive an ill formatted email and a user could report that your message is garbled.

HTML or Formatted/Rich Text Mail

Any option which allows you to change fonts may result in a message with a font not contained on the other user’s

Other Communication Tools

Most modern communication tools support Unicode (UTF-8) input. Switching keyboards works for most cloud based communication tools including Yammer, Wikispaces, Sites at Penn State, Adobe Connect chat, Twitter, Facebook and others.

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