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My speech focuses on the program called the Urban Service Experience (USE) which is provided through Penn State and Shaver’s Creek. artifact includes the website for the program, which also has a picture slideshow.


– To educate my audience of how the USE program of Penn State benefits civic life and to express the program’s mission towards unity and civic responsibility


In order to capture my audience I will use my own experiences from USE to provide trust in what I’m presenting. My presentation will be lively so hopefully people will not grow bored


I will be wearing my USE T-shirt


My credibility in my speech comes from not only my experiences in the program but also those of my fellow students who can all attest to its benefits


I will draw on my experiences with community service and talk about how I personally connected with cancer patients, the elderly, etc through my civic work


My claims will be that USE encourages civic responsibility and I will prove this through my week long analysis in the program


  1. I’ve heard that Shaver’s Creek is really neat, so I’m interested to hear more about how it can be a site of civic engagement through this program! I think Allan is right that it can sometimes be difficult to be lively, but talking about something you’re interested in will help. Looking forward to it!

  2. Interesting choice of topic! I’m excited to hear this speech because I’ve never heard of USE until now. The plan you have for this speech will definitely keep the audience’s attention. I like how you’ll be bringing up personal experiences because in my opinion, that will give the audience an opportunity to better understand where the speaker is coming from. I agree that you should wear your shirt, and add in the slideshow to give the audience a bigger picture of USE. The only information I know about USE is what you have described in this design plan so I can’t wait to hear more about it in your speech!

  3. I think this is a pretty good design plan it gives a basic layout of what you plan to use for you presentation. Make sure you focus on what the website offers mostly, a personal story might be helpful for an introduction but the website should be the focus of the presentation. However I like how your work also qualifies for your ethos. I think the idea to be more lively is good, I plan on doing the same, but I don’t know if you have the same problem, but I personally think it’s pretty difficult to actually be lively. I guess a good suggestion might be start with a loud or exciting introduction. I don’t know when you’re presenting, but if it’s the middle, the louder the better? Overall looks good.

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