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Hey guys! So to start off my passion blog I just wanna give a little overview of what I’m going to do week after week. So starting today, I will give a recap of a celebrity story currently circulating in the news. I will then give my opinion on the celebrities involved as well as a thought provoking and introspective spin on the topic.

So let’s begin…


By now everyone has come across the story of the affair between Kristen Stewart and her married director Rupert Sanders. A little background info: Rupert Sanders was the director of the film Snow White and the Huntsman, his wife Liberty is also an actress and the former couple also have two children together. Ironically, Rupert’s wife Liberty was the one to convince her husband to give Kristen the role in the movie; funny how that turned out. Now, I’m not going to use this post as an opportunity to bash any of the parties involved or preach about the evils of adultery. There are just a few questions I feel should be asked of the general public regarding this scandal.
One thing I’ve noticed is the incessant hate directed at Kristen Stewart for her involvement in the affair. Outside of the die-hard Twilight fans the overwhelming consensus regarding Kristen Stewart is that she is an evil, home wrecker. There are even currently t-shirts on sale with the words “Trampire” branded on them. Where is the vitriol directed towards Rupert? Why is he allowed to walk freely and go to events without hordes of people yelling insults?

I feel that the public reactions to this scandal have revealed an underlying issue of sexism surrounding cheating and the roles of men and women. Rupert as a mildly successful Hollywood director and a man he emerges relatively unscathed from this situation. For many months to come Kristen Stewart will be known as the “woman who cheated”. Not only do her actions affect her personal life but her professional one as well.

What are your thoughts on this issue? How do you feel cheating is viewed in our society in regards to men vs. women?

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  1. Even though I sometimes hate to admit it, I am such a sucker for celebrity gossip and drama. This is the perfect combination of these — almost like a new take on Us Magazine! I definitely agree with what you’re saying. Twilight books used to be my life basically, and the fact that Kristen and Rob ended up together in real life was just the cherry on top of my favorite books. However, Kristen had to mess it up just as everyone else in Hollywood seems to do. I can’t wait for the last Twilight movie to come out and the drama that surrounds it. I hope you plan to keep me updated on future celebrity mishaps while we’re in the Penn State bubble! Keep it up!

  2. I love how your blog is following big stories in the celebrity world. I’m not going to lie, I go on Perez Hilton’s blog every other day to catch up with the recent scandals in Hollywood. Nice to have another source now! I completely agree with everything you wrote. I’ll admit I’m a twi-hard so I was a bit upset when I heard that Kristen cheated on Rob but the tabloids are so misleading because they never bring up Rupert’s roll in this and how he cheated on his wife too! It’s insane how much the press can twist things up… I really like the whole post though! Cheating is viewed in so many different ways in our society it’s kind of ridiculous. This is a perfect example on how many people view that the celebrity most popular in the situation gets more crap for it. Overall, good post! Keep it up! 🙂

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