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For my RCL blog this week; I chose to provide an example of Kairos working¬†successfully¬† My example of this is the PSU Votes events. These events provide a forum for young people on campus to get educated not only about the upcoming presidential election but also about the political world in general. These events include debate watch parties, information sessions, and guest speakers. PSU Votes is a great example of Kairos because the presidential election provides the perfect time for a “teachable moment”. With so many people voting for the first time, an open forum is needed to get the message of voting and laws across to people who otherwise wouldn’t have the information.

Without the upcoming election, these open forums wouldn’t have as much of an impact or as big of a turnout. The campus is buzzing with people talking about the debates, candidates, and voter id laws. The Kairos of PSU Votes serves to take the most advantage of a moment in history as we choose our next president. Hopefully this example of Kairos successfully encourages people to get involved in their community and perform their civic duties.


  1. This is definitely a pertinent example of how much effect kairos has on the success of an event or group. Most of the time the presidential election manages to attract the attention of even the least politically minded American. Psu. Votes capitalizes on this by trying to engage as many uninformed voters as they can and get them to understand more about the process. The events they hold are perfect because they forum of discussion and give them an opportunity to discuss politics. This stuff would just never happen without the looming election. Politics in general just follow kairos because people can only take so much stuff before they don’t pay attention after a while. There’s always a rampant increase of ads and emails about politics right around the national and regional elections not because politics isn’t important all year round, but because that’s when people will listen. Political advertisements’ use of kairos is also interesting because voters get to see what both campaigns think are the most influential topics in the elections. Usually they use particularly poignant attacks right after the opposing candidate slips up and they capitalize on the misrake as long as it still remains pertinent. The PSU votes plays into kairos perfectly and should hopefully attract more potential voters.

  2. This is so true! With the election just around the corner, having all of these opportunities to become involved with the election through PSU Votes couldn’t have made better timing. As many are voting for the first time this year, it is good that PSU Votes is giving voters information on what to do about voting. I agree that if this were to take place any other time during the year, it wouldn’t have such a big affect. I also agree that the kairos of this is that these opportunities are very helpful to voters to decide who our next president will be. What perfect timing!

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