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During our visit to the library I found many different sources that relate to my topic. My paper will examine the shift of marriage from a essential rite of passage to a strictly religious institution that is diminishing in value. I looked at websites such as CQ Researcher  and the Gale Virtual Reference Library. With Gale Library I found a very interesting source from a journal that gave information on divorce and marriage rates, the years of these rates, and also how these statistics relate to the ages of those surveyed. One of the big focuses of my paper will be the generational influence on how marriage is examined then and now. While this particular source only gives hard facts I am still looking for sources that examine cultural norms regarding long term commitments and marriage.

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  1. The current shifts in trends regarding marriage directly reflect various statistics such as changes in society, culture and everyday life. To expand on this point, Paul C. Glick argues that the fluctuations in the rates of divorces and marriages are not just coincidences but a direct correlation the culture trends, “but the following illustrative crude rates of marriage for the United States will demonstrate the readily identifiable consequences of recent historical turning points or periods” (Glick). Glick explains his point further by breaking down his research into categories such as remarriage data, generational divorce and marriage rates and also outside factors that may affect this information.

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