What Makes a Good TED Talk?

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Watching all of the TED Talks this week, I think that I have a pretty good idea of what constitutes a good talk. Due to the talk of Amy Cuddy I have learned the importance of body language in relation to not only public speaking but also everyday life. ┬áMelissa Marshall’s TED Talk was funny as well as informative; I will be sure to infuse some comedy into my presentation. The most important aspect of a good TED Talk is the fact that your topic must in some way be relatable to your general audience. The Melissa Marshall talk used images such as Alice in Wonderland as a metaphor in order to draw the audience in. I think that if I can infuse all three of these aspects into my own TED Talk then I will be on the right track. I also think that being direct with the audience from the beginning of your presentation is also essential. In class we talked about saying what your topic is about from the minute you start talking. This way, you avoid beating around the bush and confusing your audience.

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