Mommie Dearest?

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Today’s post is once again about crazy celebrity parents.

I’m sure some of you watch or at least have seen an episode of the popular show Modern Family. If so, you may recognize the actress in this picture. Her name is Ariel Winters and she plays the intelligent Alex on the show. This week however, Ariel is becoming famous for something more than her acting skills. The 14-year old actress has been removed from the custody of her mother, also in the picture, on allegations of abuse both physical and emotional. The story is being reported in all of the major gossip tabloids and Ariel’s mother has emphatically refuted the claim that she has abused her child. However, Ariel’s older sister, who now has care of her sister, went through a similar ordeal when she was a minor.

The evidence seems to be stacked against this Ariel Winter’s mom but what makes this story even more interesting is the fact that there seems to be a trend on celebrity parents that are severely lacking in the parenting department. There have been many instances of celebrities with extremely crazy parents. Some of these include Joan Crawford, Joe Jackson, Ryan O’Neal, and Dina Lohan just to name a few. It seems that when a parent is so overly involved in the fame of their child, problems are bound to arise. Most child celebrities are managed by their parents and a lot of the time there are ulterior motives involved. Fame  seems to often get in the way of common sense and logic and then we have a situation like Ariel Winters.

What do you all think? Does Ariel’s fame have something to do with her abuse? Is there really a trend of hidden abuse within Hollywood homes?

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  1. I do believe that there is a correlation between famous kids and abusive parents. Think about all the work that goes into becoming famous. A child needs an agent, a manager, etc., and discipline, most of all. Imagine telling your kid they can only have one piece of their Halloween candy because they have a photo shoot the next day. Most parents who go through all this trouble have ulterior motives because children do not fully understand the concept of being famous, even if they do like the idea. These children who become adolescents like Ariel usually just want to be normal. But their parents won’t let them because they are afraid they will make a mistake and ruin the career they (the parent) worked so hard for. As a result, they emotionally and sometimes physically abuse their children as a way to scare them into obedience. It really is a shame.

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