Copyright Questions

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Here are my questions about copyright law…

1) Is there really a legitimate way to regulate fair use? No one can accurately pinpoint when and where an idea was conceived

2)  Can copyright laws ever be alleviated?


  1. Fair use seems to be rather ambiguous. But the legitimate way to use fair use is to qualify the four factors. Is the purpose of your use educational, for commenting, for parody, or for news? Does this work have little protection? Do you use less than 15% of the work in your video? Finally, is the market value of the work very low? If you answer yes to these questions, then you can defend yourself from copyright inringement by claiming fair use!

  2. 1) Apparently, fair use is a bit ambiguous, and the four points of Fair Use do not represent rights but rather methods for defense against potentially accused second-hand work. However, any idea ever made regardless of impact it has holds a copyright for at least some span of time.

    2) No, I doubt copyright laws will ever be done away with for good–until a certain number of years after the creator’s death (depends).

  3. Copyright laws are currently considered old and outdated in the new age of media and the internet. There are more and more ways to share content. However, with respect to something like what we’re talking about in class, I think people will always have a certain attachment to their own work and copyright laws will be around for a while.

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