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During our last class, my group and I discussed going to the HUB and surveying people on the Westboro Baptist Church. We would ask them about their general knowledge of the group (What they do, their general beliefs, etc.) and then their personal opinions about the group and also the topic of first amendment rights


The questions would look something like this:

1) What do you know about the Westboro Baptist Church

2) Do you agree or disagree with their beliefs and/or actions? Why or why not

3) Do you think that the First Amendment should protect people such as the WBC?

4) Should the actions of the WBC be considered hate crimes?


Also, our group worked out an introduction for our video. We chose to explain what the WBC is and what they do complete with various images and quotes. From there we will delve into the various themes of First Amendment Rights, public views, and other precedents for this particular issue.


  1. I think that we should collaborate on certain days so that we can go to the HUB and interview people for our project. This can be discussed later. As per the questions, I thought that it might be best if we tried to stay to more “fact questions” than to “opinion questions”. In other words, I think that our survey should be used to catalog how many people know about the Westboro Baptist Church and their actions. Perhaps we can include some particularly stand-outish quotes, but otherwise we should stay away form asking their opinions because that’s not what our public controversy video should focus on. We should probably think how we can go about this survey without somehow offending people.

  2. This is totally useful; we should go to the main entrance of the hub and ask people these questions. Or we can interrupt their meals, because that’s what everyone else does. Also, I like these questions because they’re broad enough that they’re easy to answer, but people can answer fairly in-depth if they choose to do so.

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