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Here are my strongest Passion posts:

Bald for Bieber

Love is Louder than the Pressure to be Perfect

And my strongest RCL posts: 

Do the Right Thing

Gangnam Style


For the Passion posts that I chose I believe that these are the most important for a very specific reason. This reason has to do with the overlying themes brought up in the posts.  One post deals with the idolization of celebrities and the other is the issue of body image in not only celebrities but normal people as well. In both posts I tried to go deeper than just summarizing the big story in celebrity news for that week. The Bald for Bieber post not only placed the blame of extreme idolization of celebrities on parents but our society as a whole. My Lady Gaga post took the issue of body image and focued it on someone who you may not have thought struggled with issues such as Bulimia and Anorexia. I wanted to provide a forum for discussion on serious topics that re not always at the forefronts of our minds. From the content of the posts and also the comments left by others I think that I can safely say that the posts did what they were supposed to do.

For my RCL posts I think  I took public events (Do the Right Thing event, Gangnam style phenomenon) and posed the necessary questions needed to analyze these things in order to provide relevant and stimulating discussion. For the Do the Right Thing post I expressed my views on the movie and subsequent Q&A session and I raised topics that may have been sensitive in nature but necessary. I did the same thing for my Gangnam Style post. What I talked about was met with dissention from a few people and provided an opportunity for people not only in our class but ariund the country to look at their actions concerning the video and maybe come to a realization that it was not all innocent.

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