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So I’m really excited about this new Civic Issues blog, and  I already know that I’m going to like it more than the RCL blog. As I looked through the various topics one that caught my eye was education. Some of the subtopics include college sports, diversity funding, public education,  and the liberal arts. Although I’m not sure right now, the specific issue that I will most likely focus on is diversity on campus. As a person of color, diversity is very important to me and it’s an issue that is at the forefront of my mind in basically everything I do.

The only thing I’m worried about is wanting to change my topic after one post. But the good thing is that I know that there’s a wealth of information on this topic and I will have no problem finding videos, links, and articles about this particular topic.


  1. I think using your own opinions and perspectives to develop a series of posts about diversity in education is a great idea. You might think about how your experiences fit with what other sources say about the topic and how your experiences are different. I think you’ll find plenty to write about!

  2. I really liked the education topic too! I’d love to hear your take on diversity on campus. As a white person, I’m always intrigued by the viewpoints of minorities on issues of diversity. I recommend making your posts as personal as you can while filling them with relevant facts about college diversity. I think the strength of any blog post is in how personal it is. As a public university, do you think Penn State has a greater or smaller responsibility to ensure diversity on campus? I’m not entirely sure how opinionated these blog posts can be, but regardless, I know I’d love to hear your take on the diversity at Penn State and its effects on you.

  3. Good that you’re looking forward to writing yours, and yeah I’m sure there’s a ton of information for whichever we focus on. All of the topics are pretty broad, if you focused on diversity which aspect would you consider to be an issue? Or for education, which part comes as an issue you’d want to explore? I’m sure you’l narrow it down to something specific.

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