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Natalia TIB


I believe in respect for women. Respect is a value that should never be compromised. I have lost count of the times I have seen crimes perpetuated against the women I call my fellow sisters. Physical and verbal abuse. Sexism. Rape. The offenders of these crimes lack the fundamental lesson instilled in me at such an early age: That women are brave and strong and to be respected at all times. Some of us in this generation seem to have forgotten that we ALL come from a woman and that fact in and of itself demands a certain level of appreciation.  Growing up in a single parent household has fueled my belief even more as I have watched my mother work endlessly to provide a better life for my siblings and I. At times it was obvious that my mom was at her breaking point with stress, and bills and just the day to day of living but she kept on working.

My parents have been divorced since I was about 9. Everything changed; from my mom having to get a second job to her moving an hour away from her family and friends and putting my siblings and I in a new school. I used to think my mom was superwoman when I was younger. She would come home from work, get me ready for school, and probably gossip on the phone as she did it. Everything seemed fine. It wasn’t until I got older that I noticed the tiredness behind my mother’s eyes; The way her arthritis limited her movement and took her strength. I would joke that she should go out for a weekend with her girls and her answer would always be the same, “Natalia, you know I have to work”, she would say with a sigh. Now as I become an adult I see the sacrifices that my mom has made in order to better the lives of her children.

My mother’s story is nothing new; it’s one repeated endlessly in homes across America. Everyday a woman drags her tired body out of bed, puts on a strong face and selflessly does what she has to do to make sure her children have a better life than the parents that came before them.  This is why I believe in respect for women. I respect all of the strong women in this world putting what they have to do way before the things they want to do. To this day,  I will never forget my mother’s famous words, “Behavior is learned”. It’s a phrase I’ve heard repeated throughout most of my life. My mom likes to say that people’s values don’t just come from anywhere, that they are instilled in them at a young age by their parents. Therefore it is no surprise that I believe in respect for women because I had as strong, beautiful to give me the foundation for that value.


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  1. i just listened to your podcast. I loved the message of respect for all women and especially the last line about how your mother instilled that value in you at an early age. Well done!

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