Group Presentation- Chapter 8

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The chapter that my group and I will present is Chapter 8- Deliberative Communities and Societies

The chapter analyzes the way deliberation works in various communities and settings. In addition to that analysis, the chapter also explains how to successfully bring deliberation into a community.

Here are some of the main points that I feel should be focused on in our presentation:

  • The connections between public officials, citizens , local media, and private associations when it comes to a deliberation
  • Democracy and Deliberation
  • How deliberations of the past can influence the modern methods of today
  • The various theories in the chapter, like the Structuration Theory
  • How exactly one creates a deliberative society (The example used in the book is in a school setting)

When we present we could use maybe a Prezzy. I’ve never used one before so it might be interesting to make a creative powerpoint with a topic that isn’t so exciting. Anything will work really because this is such a short presentation.

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