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I really like the addition of Civic Issues posts for this semester. They provide an opportunity for thoughtful conversation that is backed up with a mix of facts and statistics. My CI blog focuses on education and for my first post I focused on the issue of diversity at Penn State. When I prepare a CI post I definitely do a lot more research because the post is longer and more in depth and also because I want people to read it and have something to say afterwards. That process is¬†definitely¬†what sets CI posts apart from say, a Passion post. I wish that for my first CI post that I didn’t jump around so much and had focused on one concrete issue because looking back that made the blog a little confusing.

Looking at other people’s posts I can definitely say the mix of facts and personal experiences is what draws me into the post. Also, I think it’s important that people take a stance on whatever issue they are writing about. It makes for healthy debate and a good conversation. I don’t think people should be afraid to step on some toes if it’s about something they truly have an opinion on. From the comments on my post I saw what other people thought about the diversity at Penn State and saw how other people view the same topic but in different ways.

I think that for my future posts I want to keep the main topic concise and clear and just go more in depth with my ideas and analysis. I’ve seen this done in other posts and I would like to do that also. For my remaining posts I will continue with the topic of education because I can never get tired of that and I will try and accomplish the goals that I mentioned above.

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  1. Your plans for the future sound good, and I agree it’s nicer than the RCL posts. Also adds interest that people could do the same topic as you and others can compare the two contrasting opinions or gather more information from one topic. I think this class really stresses that we communicate our opinions and beliefs and this is yet another tool to meet that goal.

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