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So you may think that the pictures above show two completely different people.  Unfortunately these are pictures of infamous rapper Lil Kim. The rapper appeared on the scene in the 90’s with her album Hard Core which to most is considered a classic rap album. Even though she may have faded into obscurity in the recent years her name has popped up with details of her feud with fellow rapper Nicki Minaj. You may have heard the song “Stupid Hoe”. However, Kim’s newest chance in the spotlight has nothing to do with music.

This isn’t the first time that Lil’ Kim has dabbled with plastic surgery. Since the 2000’s she has been making minor but noticeable changes to her face. A slimmer nose there, a butt implant there. Now, in 2013 Lil Kim has hit the trifecta of plastic surgery:


Not only does she have lighter skin but a larger  chin and even cheek fillers.  Why do people get such extensive plastic surgery? Even for Lil Kim who looked halfway decent before all of her procedures. I can understand maybe a bit of Botox once in a while but to so drastically change your body is an extreme. For one, it doesn’t look good and it’s incredibly noticeable and not in a good way.

Maybe this is a way for the rapper to reinvent herself . She has a new album coming out soon and this new scandal may be a way to drum up attention


  1. I am honestly shocked by this. This obviously beautiful woman decides to change herself, the way she was born, to something completely alien at least in her looks. The way you dress yourself and how you make yourself look is an expression of your personality. A lot of her personality has to be influenced by how she has grown up as a minority woman. The way she has changed herself is not an expression of who she is, but who she wants to be. I think that your looks change with your attitude. Woman suddenly blossom when they gain the confidence that comes with experiencing life. This change she has forced upon her body is not going to last and most of all, is not an expression of who she really is. I’m so disappointed that she doesn’t realize her beauty comes from her attitudes and her personality.

  2. Seriously – what?! She was so beautiful before!! It so sad yet so strange to me that she had to completely transform her face – and I bet she still looks in the mirror and thinks of all the procedures she hasn’t yet done but would love to do. In response to Sarah though, I don’t think it is so much about racism as it is just about different standards of beauty – at least when it comes to the China skin-lightening phenomenon. We Americans have always kind of been alone in thinking that tanner is better; meanwhile, pale skin is considered the desirable in many other cultures, including many Asian cultures. However, I’m not sure what standard of beauty plastic surgery in itself chases down, for usually the person ends up looking more deformed than beautiful.

  3. All I can say is OH MY GOD. Do these celebrities really think they look good after plastic surgery? Lil Kim is like the new Michael Jackson (I loved his music and all, but I think we can all agree the plastic surgery was not a good look for him). That one picture makes her look all lumpy, so weird… What is it with celebrities feeling the need to get surgery? Most of them are decent looking before it! I guess the money and power gets to their head. I’m not going to bash them because if I had that much money, I probably wouldn’t know what to do without it either.

  4. This is ridiculous…it reminds me so much of what Fergie did with plastic surgery–she looks like a completely different person! I think it’s sickening that our society pressures women to alter their bodies so dramatically for such superficial purposes…certain plastic surgery I can understand but she completely reconstructed herself! Respect points lost.

  5. Ahhh, Lil’ Kim. She was always the kind of artist, to me at least, that was famous for no real reason. I couldn’t tell you one song by her. But this plastic surgery is atrocious! Seriously! She looks so awful. I’m glad you opened my eyes to her hilarious transformation.

    • She also kind of looks like Michael Jackson, just saying.

  6. I know I asked you to write about this, so it’s no surprise that I’m happy to that you did! I hadn’t considered that she might have done it to reinvent herself, as you suggest. Still, it seems so extreme!

    I think the most alarming part of it to me is the skin lightening. According to this CBS article, it’s becoming a trend in China too. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-3445_162-57532073/latest-trend-sweeping-china-lighter-skin/

    What do you think is behind it? Is it related to racism? How do we reconcile skin lightening with the flip side, which is many women’s obsession with tanning?

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