My Moderating Philosophy (Draft)

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I want my moderating style to be, above all, friendly. As nervous as I will be next Monday, I also know that the English 15 students will be feeling the exact same way. For that reason I would like everyone to feel included and comfortable as opposed to nervous and stiff. Hopefully I can inspire most of the student sot talk and not have a Spiral of Silence situation. I would also like to encourage any and all opinions that may arise on Monday and avoid the persecution of another just for having a different opinion. I believe that this type of thinking encourages healthy deliberation and leads to the fostering of ideas.

With the topic being deliberated, there is a chance that there may be farfetched or maybe uninformed opinions so I would like to guide these people through the deliberation process in such a way that they become more informed without leading to an argument. My biggest strengths that I will focus on when I moderate are my inviting personality and also interest in creating an open environment for deliberation.

The purpose of deliberation is to voice one’s opinions with facts and experiences, listen to the voices of others and perhaps arrive to a state of enlightenment. This is what I hope to happen on Monday when I have my first moderating experience. What I will keep in mind for Monday is that everyone is different with different opinions, make sure everyone feels included, and to forget to be nervous hopefully.


  1. Natalia,
    I like that you have a clear focus on being friendly and inviting. I think that’s a great frame for your moderation philosophy. I think you might say even more about the spiral of silence and how and why you want to avoid it. Why is this most important to you? Have you, for example, experienced it or seen people experience it?

    I think the body paragraphs will be much stronger with specific examples from Monday. That will help you fill out your ideas and make them focused instead of just hopeful.

  2. 1. I think you provide a good frame. I like that you want to be exude an air of friendliness above all else. I think you can definitely remain a silent moderator while still displaying open friendliness in your body language.

    2. I would definitely include examples where you managed to guide any group members to the right answer after they propose something farfetched or incorrect. Personally, I think handling a delicate situation like that without making the other student embarrassed will be difficult, and if you manage to do it successfully, I would include that in you philosophy.

    3. I do feel connected to your philosophy, because your moderating philosophy is centered around your personality and who you are as a person. You’re not trying to be someone you’re not, so it’s very easy to relate to you in your philosophy.

    4. I like that your overall goal is to connect with people. That is the point of deliberation: To create a stimulating environment with the constant exchange of ideas. If you can manage to connect all your group members, you will without a doubt have had an incredibly productive moderation.

  3. 1. The organization is good, it looks like you’re beginning with your own personal feelings and relating that to how you’ll deal with moderating and reflect on the students. Then in the end you wrap up with your reflection on how you think it will go. Maybe include some advantages to your deliberation tactics and what they will help you on in the future.

    2. I think after moderation, you’ll find examples of where you’re tactics went well. Look for times when you felt you brought someone into the conversation or made everyone feel comfortable.

    3. I feel like you really included your personal feelings and how you’ll connect with the students, which likewise gave me a connection with you by being open into your personal thoughts.

    4. My favorite part is your ability to portray your philosophy not so directly but as a whole. I felt after reading the whole thing that your aim is to really connect with people. Where you may need improvement is separating this whole into a clear beginning, middle, and end, while keeping the same idea throughout.

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