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“The Face” is  a new modeling show on the Oxygen network that tries to find, well, the new face of modeling. I don’t pay much attention to the show but it comes on after Bad Girls Club (which I love!) and so I’ve seen snippets of it from time to time. What happened on this week’s episode has everyone up in arms. The girl pictured above is a model on the show named Devyn. During a deliberation with guest judge Wendy Williams, Devyn was asked if it is hard to be a black girl model and Devyn’s response shocked all of the judges.  Devyn responded that she does not see herself as a black girl model because she is fair skinned with an “international” look. World famous supermodel judge Naomi Campbell said in an outrage that Devyn is black and that it’s a disgrace for her to claim otherwise.

Devyn’s comment’s on the show bring up a lot of sentiments of women of color and the modeling world. Most modeling campaigns feature either fair skinned white women and if there are black models they are extremely light skinned. Go on to your favorite clothing website and look at the different models; How many are black? Hispanic? Asian? It is no secret that the fashion industry is incredibly and blatantly racist. Is it a surprise that Devyn chooses not to identify with a race that is continuously ignored? Even though Devyn does not identify herself as a black girl model, others will and that is a problem that she will undoubtedly face during her career. Perhaps Devyn should have a sit down with Naomi Campbell who made a living and a name as a dark skinned black model.

What do you all think? Is the problem with Devyn’s comments or the fashion industry that creates the racism? Comment below what you think!


  1. Honestly, I’m confused as to why she won’t just own what she’s got! She’s beautiful – and she’s black! I don’t understand why she would deny who she is, but maybe it was taken the wrong way. I’m also confused too, though, as to what she means about having an “international” look.
    As for different races in modeling, I wish there was more of a mix. I love seeing the different unique beauty that comes out of different parts of the world; that said, there are definitely some companies that feature different beautiful races in their slew of models. In fact, sometimes I feel that it’s rare to be the other way around. However, I can’t speak for the runways because I’m not as familiar with those.

  2. I think the fashion industry has some issues. More and more, the world it represents is purely imaginary: imaginary bodies that no one has, imaginary clothes that few can afford, and now, apparently, imaginary races. I don;t think its a problem if someone doesn’t identify with a certain race. In fact, I think if nobody identified with race, there wouldn’t be racism in the first place. However, am I alone in thinking that the fashion industry needs a makeover? Or at least a reality check? Racism is only the tip of the iceberg…

  3. I see no problem at all with her comment. The judges’ response was completely uncalled for, and definitely unprofessional. Who are they to judge Devyn’s feelings of how she feels about her race? I don’t know why they would even question how she feels about being a black model in the first place. There are tons of beautiful black models that I’m sure are never questioned about their race. It is sad how everything turns into race and looks and body type, especially in the modeling world. It is so cut throat. I personally don’t understand why anyone would want to be part of it.

  4. This is really interesting–I’m annoyed both by her comment, and the judges reactions to her comment. I think shes allowed to identify herself how ever she wants, but at the same time the fact that she felt the need to reject shes black says something sad about our society. I don’t think anyone has the right to get mad at her…idk I think everyone has the right to ethnically identify themselves however they desire and I think she was being truthful about the fact that she isn’t a very traditional “black” model. We don’t really see many very dark skinned models so I can understand how she is differentiating herself.

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