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1. Purpose

-I plan to focus my advocacy project on the trend of teens disinterest in current events and the media. Some ideas for the project and the advocacy fair feature a type of bulletin board of the problem, the statistics, and how the problem can be improved by education. I would like my project to make students think critically of how their participation in these matters is essential in today’s world


2. Audience

My intended audience for this project are college students like myself who either want to get more involved in current events and the world around them or admit to having no interest at all. This audience is the best choice for this topic due to the fact that young people are the problem and also the solution. The solution requires a change in thinking that will start with young people like myself.


3. Medium

I am hoping to create a bulletin board/ poster that can showcase the aspects of the problem surrounding youth not having interest in the world around them. The poster can also show statistics of just how many people don’t watch the news daily or know basic facts of the world (Like how 20% of Americans can’t point to America on a map)

– I hope to deliver this message through the advocacy fair and also draw up flyers to post around my commons


4. Strategies

I think that in order to reach my audience I will establish ethos. I can talk about how even I am not exempt from the problem and that we all need to work together in order to make progress.


5. Schedule

After I submit my persuasive essay I will have a week to complete my advocacy project. Completing the actual poster will not be difficult I just have to make it visually pleasing. I also need to set aside enough days for approval of the flyers to put up in my commons.

One Comment

  1. Why don’t you actually try to educate people? If you want to make posters, then summarize actual global events and stick the posters up around campus. I don’t think you should post entire articles around campus, but maybe a catchy headline with 3-4 lines of info underneath an eye-catching picture could work. For instance, you could have a poster with the headline “There’s a New Pope” with a picture of the pope in the middle and a few sentences on his name, where he’s from, and his reaction to the decision underneath it. Posters of all sorts of events could be scattered around campus working to educate people on global events. People might be intrigued enough by your signs to do a little research on their own at home.

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