The Evils of Celebrity

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Heidi Klum is probably better known for her stint as a gorgeous Victoria Secret supermodel. Earlier this week she earned her colors as a lifeguard. Kind of. While in vacation in Oahu, she single-handedly saved her son and two nannies who had been swept up in a strong current. The pictures taken from the accident show Heidi jumping in to save not only her son but two other grown women as well. The most surprising aspec tof this story isn’t the super human display of strength but how I even came to know about the story: photographers


I understand that being a paparazzi is a job and people ultimately need to make money, but a line definitely needs to be drawn in an instance where someone’s life is in danger. I don’t understand how you can watch people fight for their lives and not even attempt to intervene. Because we are focusing on advocacy and taking a stance I would like to take a stance against paparazzi. Really they serve no purpose except to be glorified stalkers. There have been numerous instances where paparazzi have endangered the life of others such as with Princess Diana and even more recently when they almost caused an accident with Justin Bieber.

Even though I wish that we could live in a world without the paps I know that it is probably not a reality. We live in a visual-based world and paparazzi just help us live in that world. Just think, I wouldn’t be able to add pictures with my celeb stories if it weren’t for the paparazzi taking the pictures. What do you all think? Do paparazzi need to go or are they a necessary¬†evil?

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