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Here is the link to my e-portfolio! It’s very much a work in progress so bear with me please. I would love some feedback about what I could change

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    Your home page welcomes me to the homepage… but what is the greater purpose of this site? From the home page, I cannot tell if there’s an overarching theme to your works besides the fact that they are excellent pieces of writing or media. You mention that freshman year is a time for change and transition, but how will your posts embody this? You do a good job mapping out what posts you’ve included so I know what to expect.

    You might want to put the “about” page last, like Sarah said. You should also put the resume first especially if employers or scholarship teams are the audiences you have in mind.

    You are consistent. Your tabs all make sense! Aesthetically, I think the orange and blue clash. By making your theme clearer, the pictures will make more sense to your audience; I realize that they all have to do with growth and change!

    I can’t tell yet, but your choices seem appropriate for the audience you’ve selected. The mixture of blogs, your podcast and the essays will show a personal and professional side of you. Make sure you talk about the aspects of your theme in your descriptions as well as what skills you’ve used in each assignment.

    Reflective, cute/fun loving, dynamic

    I’m excited to read your writing and listen to your podcast!

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