WIP – 3 Best Passion Posts

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My Passion Blog this semester continued to focus on the deeper issues of relevant celebrity stories. My favorite posts were the ones that took an issue and really got to the root and asked thoughtful questions in order to encourage debate.



– This post delved into the issue of date rape and it downplay in the media. Rick Ross’s new song has lyrics about drugging a girl and having sex with her. This issue means a lot to me because I have family members that have suffered sexual abuse and I wanted to bring awareness to the severity of the issue.


– This post focused on diversity and how biracial children should be taught about race. Kim Kardashian says that she doesn’t want her child to see color. The issue in this seemingly harmless statement is that in doing so she erases the heritage that both her and Kanye give to their child. Diversity is very important to me and I wanted to touch upon this issue and also share a personal story as to why I wrote this post


– I really liked this post because I talked about how we all get caught up in the glamor of “celebrity life”. Even an event as monumental as the second inauguration of our first black president was sidetracked by other things such as Michelle’s hair or Beyonce’s weave. As my entire blog is an indication of, celebrities are all around us.

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